SEO Results/Examples

Check out the below links to see great Google Search Results these websites are still getting; they are #1 or #2 each since being built or rebuilt by KPFdigital!

Let’s start with our own website!

KPFdigital Website Design

Clean Simple Web Design | Websites for Small Business | Brooklyn, NY
See search results for:clean simple web design NY

The Gemological Appraisal Laboratory of America

Diamond/jewelry appraisal service in the NYC Diamond District, offering accurate and unbiased evaluations.
See search results for:Diamond appraisal NYC

Business is increasing every week and appointments are up almost 300%. There’s been so much positive feedback on the new site. Seriously, you did a great job with everything.

Josh Lents,

Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation

Spirit’s Promise rescues horses and gives them a new purpose as teachers and healers.
See search results for:horse rescue long island

Everything is going so fantastic. The website has brought us so many people! Thank you, Thank you!!

Marisa S. Founder, Spirit’s Promise

ImaginAerial: Cirque Style Entertainment

Cirque Style Events, Aerial Acrobatic Performance | Events, Parties, Nightclubs, Stage Shows
See search results for:Cirque Style Events