Strategic Writing and Branding

Why you need a professional writer for your web site

It’s astonishing how many smart business people — people who understand the importance of a web site in today’s business environment — pay little or no attention to an essential component of the site: the writing.

Think about it: you hire an expert web developer to create a site that looks professional and contemporary, works smoothly and efficiently, and often has special features. But when it comes to the writing, you figure, hey, I can write. We don’t disagree; sure you can write. You’ve written everything from term papers to business plans since you could hold a pen.

But can you do yourself justice in the competitive world of the Internet?

The words on your web site are part of your face and voice to the world. The way in which they speak to your client is as much a part of your brand, service, music or identity as your name, your slogan, your colors, your sound. It’s a special skill, and if you go the extra mile to have it done professionally, it will more than pay you back.

If your site deserves a professional design — doesn’t it deserve professional writing?

Ellen Azorin – Strategic Writing and Branding

ELLEN AZORIN is a former advertising copywriter and creative director whose many awards have included The One Show, Art Directors Club, Andy and Clio Awards, and finalist honors in the International Film and TV Festival of New York and the Stephen E. Kelly Award Competition.

She worked for many years at top agencies — the last nine years at Ogilvy Worldwide — specializing in brand personality and new product development for clients like Pond’s skincare, L’Oreal hair products, Crest toothpaste, Cuisinarts kitchen products, Ralph Lauren, Martex home furnishings, Melitta coffee products, and numerous brands for Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and Chesebrough Ponds.

She left to devote herself to her own writing, and continues to do freelance creative consulting, helping web clients to develop text that expresses their brand personality, while understanding the special requirements of web writing.