Website Hosting Terms

This is an example of the KPFdigital Project Contract and Project Specification for review purposes only.

In the event that you choose to work with KPFdigital on your website project, the actual contract will be sent to you for signing at that time.


Based on our preliminary discussions, I have identified and listed below the Needs and Solutions that we will want to address in this project.


This website project has the following primary goals;

  • Fundamentally to create and launch a brand new, modern, version of CLIENT website.
  • Present CLIENT in an updated, modern, professional manner; appear competent, trustworthy, and friendly
  • Work with KPFdigital and professional copywriter to create clear brand description and value offerings
  • To be mobile friendly, with robust fundamental SEO setting on all pages
  • Explore potential new features for better customer engagement


Ideation and Discovery

In a series of initial discussions, a clear picture will be developed of CLIENT and where they fit in the world of CLIENT competition. Services, unique specialties, experience, staff and skills will be explored and presented in a well-organized format. We’ll also review other similar websites to get a sense of any industry trends or standards.

All of this will be the inspiration for the organization, functional, and visual personality of the new website.

We will develop the website using the WordPress self-published website platform. The website shall be very user-friendly to manage; new offerings and articles can be easily added to the website, and overall content can be kept fresh and up-to-date with a minimum of effort. No HTML or coding experience required; focus will be to get in and get out quickly.

Substantially, this website project requires smart build and launch of the new website such that the finished project connotes professionalism, competency, and trust in the eyes of potential new clients and customers.

Once all information, images, features have been completed, final balancing and fine tuning will be applied to bring the website to a finished state ready for launch.

Additional Features/Services

No anticipated additional features.

Launch Website

Once the new website is ready to launch, we’ll make the new website visible to the public. All links and functionalities will be tested and confirmed, and all statistics and sales programs will be activated.

At this time, KPFdigital will adjust the website SEO settings to best portray Client’s information, services, and offerings.

Website Training

KPFdigital will then run a training session with client, showing how to use the Content Management System and tools developed in the project. This can be done in person or online via telephone.

Project Fees

Project Fee $– – – – . – –

Fee Schedule:

  • 50% due upon acceptance of the proposal before work commences
  • 30% due upon delivering the basic design with the content management system in place
  • 20% plus any incurred additional agreed upon fees no later than 30 days from when the completed design was delivered.

Website Hosting Fee

$348 paid annually starting in second year (equals $29/mo) — does not include support of, or work on, website content management beyond initial training.

If desired, additional support/work contract can be added; cost determined by level of support desired.


Upon your return of a signed copy of the Agreement and the Deposit by the Acceptance Due Date, KPFdigital will allocate eight (8) weeks of attention and resources to your website construction project. The project will proceed in three major phases:

Phase I: Discovery and Ideation

Phase I, “discovery and ideation,” is the first two weeks. (This has already been accomplished in advance of this contract.)

During Phase I, you and KPFdigital will discuss in further detail your business and creative objectives for your website, and will form the preliminary concept and plan for its design and content.

Phase II: Content Acquisition And Creation

Phase II, “content acquisition and creation,” is weeks three and four. (This has already been accomplished in advance of this contract.)

Your Phase II tasks will be to gather, prepare, and provide any and all Content that you wish to be included in the website. As described in paragraph 2.11, Content is “information, text, images, logos, designs, graphics, artwork, video files or similar materials.”

Any text you provide should be in electronic format, suitable for copying and pasting into a text editor. If KPFdigital must scan, OCR, or transcribe text materials you provide in printed or image format, KPFdigital will charge additional fees for those services.

Images, audio or video must be provided via email or other electronic means.

If the Project Specification assigns Phase II tasks to KPFdigital, then KPFdigital will perform those tasks during Phase II as well.

At the end of Phase II, payment 2 in the Project Specification is due. Depending upon the size of any Phase II tasks assigned to KPFdigital, KPFdigital may require, at its discretion, payment of a portion of the Phase II payment upon commencement of Phase II. Any such division of the Phase II payment timing will be reflected in the attached Project Specification.

Phase III: Build And Finish

Phase III, “build and finish,” is weeks five through eight. Phase III will not begin until receipt of all of the Phase II payment.

During Phase III, KPFdigital will combine and assemble all concepts and materials that were generated or provided during Phases I and II. During the course of the Phase III process, KPFdigital may seek your feedback regarding interim drafts of your website. At the end of Phase III, your site will be ready for launch.

At the end of Phase III, with your approval, KPFdigital will launch your Site by making it live for public viewing on the Internet. All passwords and instructions needed to access and administer your Site will be provided to you, and its control and maintenance will be turned over to your care. Any further services to be performed by KPFdigital after launch must be separately negotiated and contracted by you at that time.

Consequences of Delay

During all three of the above phases you must respond to requests for materials and directions in a timely manner. If one of the following occurs —

  1. during Phase I, you fail to participate fully and timely in discovery and ideation;
  2. during Phase II, you fail to provide the Content; or
  3. you have not made the second payment by the date on which Phase III has been contracted to begin,

— then KPFdigital’s obligation to perform further work will cease, and KPFdigital will have no obligation to refund payments already received.