About Our Websites

KPFdigital delivers websites that are completely set up and ready to go live. On this page, we explain a bit about how we build and deliver such great websites.

Quickly, all of our websites contain the following important features:

  • Great user experience for your visitors – clean, simple, fast loading pages
  • Mobile-friendly access to your content, images, and videos
  • Ease of updates and management for you and your staff
  • Search Optimization tools and and set up
  • Statistics, traffic and visitor tracking
  • Quality web hosting, specifically tuned for WordPress websites
  • Back-ups and data restoration plans
  • Support and training

KPFdigital Builds WordPress-Powered Websites

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular website systems, powering over 60 millions websites and blogs.


WordPress makes it easy for you to update and manage your own website — with little or no technical experience necessary. Whether adding or changing pages, making blog posts, uploading pictures or videos; using your website will be easy and enjoyable — and your website will always be up-to-date and fresh for your vistors.

From the NY Times to the Rolling Stones, BBC America to Snoop Dog — WordPress powers the websites or blogs of Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, The Wall Street Journal, Sony, Samsung, Mozilla Firefox, Ben & Jerry, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, and many more.

KPFdigital is a custom WordPress website developer. We start with the basic WordPress application, then build in carefully curated plugins and tools, along with our own customizations, to create a website custom-crafted to your needs. Your final website will make your business or organization look great, and will serve the needs of your vistors effortlessly.

Of course, the KPFdigital website that you are looking at right now is built using WordPress, and the exact same techniques, technology, and process that we use for each of our customers.

Clean Simple Website Design

KPFdigital will work with you to present your business information in a clean, clear, uncluttered layout. Your visitors will quickly be able to tell what your website page is about, and they’ll be guided toward the information or action that’s the most important.

We’ll help you organize your website information into sections and pages that are easy to understand and navigate, so that your visitors will be able to move through your website easily.

Your website will also be mobile friendly — in fact, they will be any-device friendly! This is called Responsive Design. Your web pages automatically re-size and re-organize their layouts to work optimally for whatever size screen they’re being viewed on, whether a full size desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone such as iPhone or Android. Read more about Responsive Design here.

KPFdigital also offers professional Strategic Writing and Branding services for when you want to take your website’s message to the next level.

Optimized, Secure Website Hosting

Once your website is finished, it’s time for the world to see it. KPFdigital provides specially optimized web hosting and support for your new website — and the first year of web hosting is included for free for each new website project.


KPFdigital has its own dedicated web hosting server at PEER1.com — one of the country’s biggest and best data-center providers. PEER1 is home to some of the most well known websites in the world. We are honored to have our hosting server alongside those of Virgin Gaming, ClickFire, CNN, Dartmouth University — in fact, WordPress.com itself is hosted at PEER1!

Our specialized server hosts only KPFdigital clients, and we keep it outfitted and fine tuned for high-speed performance: Redundant high speed drive pairs, 8-core high speed processors, boatloads of RAM memory, nightly off-site back ups, disaster recovery plans, security and more.

The result is that your website will load super quickly for your users, so they are not ever left waiting for pages to appear.

Support, Maintenance, and Backups

KPFdigital will show you how easy it is to use your new website, so that you can make updates and manage it yourself. Each website has a series of short video tutorials available (in the administration area) which explain how to use every feature of the website. We’ll also be there to support you if you do run into snags or need some advice.

In addition to the server-level backups provided by KPFdigital, each website can have its own (on-site and off-site) backups for extra peace of mind.