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We are so excited about the debut of our new website! Thank you to our extraordinary Webmaster, @kennethfeldman, for his creativity, wisdom, brilliance and patience.

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Baltimore dermatologists Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien and Dr. Diane Orlinsky wanted to update their ten year old website. Besides the obvious visual update it needed, I recommended that we update all of the written information first. The website had the basic sections, including bios of the doctors and the primary staff. But the services pages were filled with a minimum of info, mostly in the form of bullet points.

However, what I found missing, was any information about the practice itself. What was their medical philosophy? What kind of patients do they see? Is there anything different or special about their practice or their partnership? How could anyone tell if this was the right practice for them?

We conducted a long interview with both doctors, and found them both to be amazing women, accomplished doctors, dedicated healers, and committed to providing the best possible and most comprehensive healthcare to their patients. Yet, none of that passion or mission was contained in their online materials.

Our lead writer Samara did a wonderful job of distilling and presenting the story of this practice, and what the doctors come to work to do every day.

Now, instead of simply providing the boring facts of the practice (location, hours, list of treatments, etc.), the website conveys the passion and dedication the doctors provide to their patients. And more importantly, the website shares the promise that the doctors make everyday to every patient;

“We promise to empower you in your own healthcare journey, so you know with confidence that you have the support and resources you need to be healthy and happy in your skin.”

Who wouldn’t want to be their patient!

Now, all that goodness is wrapped in a clean, fresh, simple layout, and is topped off with a bright new logo!

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