Old Car Pricing

Excited to announce the launch of a complete website redesign and rebuild for classic automobile appraiser Joe Troise, at Old Car Pricing.

This website was originally made almost 20 years ago! At the time it was as modern a website as there was, and it has served Joe very well for many years.

Fast-forward to mid-2019 and the site needed an upgrade. It was very text heavy and the navigation was all wonky. The information in the website was actually very good — and besides just updating some facts, we did not change the basic text and info.

BUT what we did do, was to ORGANIZE and LABEL it all much better! Now it’s super easy to tell what Joe does and how his services work.

Then we added a bunch of crisp photos of classic cars and hot rods and gave the website a new logo and a clean modern/retro automotive vibe. We kept the old orange color by putting it in the logo an accent colors of the new website. Now all of the pages clearly display and emphasize Joe’s deep expertise and experience.

You can rest easy buying or insuring a classic/collectible car when you are backed by a professional appraisal from Joe Troise!

After the 2019 Redesign
Before the 2019 Redesign
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New Logo