Victoria Sweet MD

We just completed a total website redesign for physician, author, historian, Victoria Sweet MD.

And it’s just in time for today’s release of her new book, “Slow Medicine, The Way to Healing.”

Dr. Sweet wanted a clean, simple, and gentle looking website — which would match her concept of slow, careful, personal healthcare.

But she also wanted the backend of the website to be just as slow and hands-on.

This was an interesting challenge, because nowadays, websites can be quite automated and high tech behind the scenes.

And so instead of creating lots of automatic or automated features inside the website, we made it easy for her to manually, and easily, craft all of her content and information.

Now she has a website she can spend time with manually, and really feel what’s happening everywhere inside.

This makes total sense for a writer! And it also makes sense for a doctor who practices… Slow Medicine.

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