The Cocktail Guru

Raise your glasses for some holiday cheer! It’s another new website launched here at KPFdigital.

The Cocktail Guru website needed a fresh new look, and we think we nailed it. (We, is me and fab visual designer Michael Kroll.)

Jonathan Pogash and his Cocktail Guru team develop delicious and on-trend cocktail and beverage programs for bars and restaurants. They also offer fabulous team building events crafted around cocktails and mixology lessons. Visit the new Cocktail Guru website to learn more!

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

We are delighted to announce the we’ve just launched a complete website redesign for acclaimed Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Ms. Adichie is a Nigerian writer of novels, short stories, and nonfiction, and was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant in 2008.

Working with my favorite visual designer, Michael Kroll, we gave the new website a clean simple look and feel, with elegant typography and easy layout.

And of course, the website is ultra easy for Chimamanda’s staff to manage and keep updated, by way of customized edit pages, tailored exactly to their specific content.

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Victoria Sweet MD

We just completed a total website redesign for physician, author, historian, Victoria Sweet MD.

And it’s just in time for today’s release of her new book, “Slow Medicine, The Way to Healing.”

Dr. Sweet wanted a clean, simple, and gentle looking website — which would match her concept of slow, careful, personal healthcare.

But she also wanted the backend of the website to be just as slow and hands-on.

This was an interesting challenge, because nowadays, websites can be quite automated and high tech behind the scenes.

And so instead of creating lots of automatic or automated features inside the website, we made it easy for her to manually, and easily, craft all of her content and information.

Now she has a website she can spend time with manually, and really feel what’s happening everywhere inside.

This makes total sense for a writer! And it also makes sense for a doctor who practices… Slow Medicine.

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Denny + Gardner

We just launched a great new website redesign for Denny + Gardner, a home remodeling contractor located in Sterling, VA. Their work is amazing!

The new website was designed to simplify their information and portfolio, and to showcase their terrific photographs of finished projects. Many of the photos are by my buddy Carl Hutzler. Design and typography work by Michael Kroll.

Of course, the site is mobile/tablet optimized, easy to manage, fast loading, secured and backed up, and very search engine friendly.

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Before and after shots of the homepage.
The entire website went from busy and cluttered, to clean and simple. Nice!

Vendome Press

We’ve just completed a total redesign for book publisher VENDOME PRESS. Earlier in the year, we completely rebuilt the framework and backend of this website to make it easier for Vendome staff to manage and update their book catalog.

Now, in phase two, we’ve applied a new 2017 branding to the frontend of the website, while retaining all of the really neat stuff we built for the backend. New brand look developed by fabulous design firm Charles and Thorn of Brooklyn, NY.

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Example of Custom Book Info Edit Screen:

Oliver Sacks


This newest version of the Oliver Sacks website was developed to coincide with the April 2015 release of his autobiography, On The Move.

Designed by KPFdigital, with lead designer Michael Kroll, this website is fully device responsive — and looks particularly amazing when viewed on an iPad or tablet device. For a personal design touch, the website features photos (by Kenneth Feldman) of Oliver Sacks’ home book shelves and mementos.

Ironically, Dr. Sacks did not have or use any computers at all. In fact he wrote his books and articles longhand with an ink fountain pen and paper!

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Unnata Aerial Yoga


Just launched a total redesign for Michelle Dortignac’s Unnata Aerial Yoga website. This is my most favorite website that I’ve ever made!

The whole site is designed to be ultra iPad/mobile-friendly first — while still looking great on full sized devices.

Layout, concept, and overall design approach is from me — but the exact design and design elements/details are by my fabulous designer Michael Kroll.

Writing and branding concepts by Michelle and Samara Taylor, logo by Peter Levine, gorgeous images by Finnish photographer Nina Merikallio.

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Gem Lab

The Gemological Laboratory of America (Gem Lab) needed a total makeover of their old website. Originally created over 10 years ago, albeit early to the website world, it was now sorely out of date, and Gem Lab manager Josh Lents could not update the website at all.

http_www.gemlab.comKPFdigital worked with Gem Lab to create a totally new, professional looking website, which was completely refocused to emphasize Gem Lab’s unique appraisal laboratory services.

While the old website had much of the same info, it was so cluttered that it was too hard to find the most important information; their services descriptions and location. And the search engine ranking were not great.

A few months after the launch of the new website, Gem Lab let us know that their call volume had increased substantially! But more importantly, the people weren’t calling just to check out Gem Lab’s credentials, or asking for the location. They were calling for only one thing: To make an appointment.

The new website was now doing a fantastic job of communicating Gem Lab’s reputation and quality, explaining exactly what their services are, and the site now conveyed a sense of authority and trust. By the time customers made the call for an appointment, all of the important questions had been answered by the website. The only thing left was to go ahead and make the appointment.

Oh, and the solid Search Optimization features that we added have made a huge difference. Take a look at the Google results for the search term “Diamond Appraiser NYC.”

Additional Features

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