The Sparta Group


In collaboration with lead designer Michael Kroll, and strategic writer Ellen Azorin, we crafted a major image upgrade for this small but growing professional search and recruitment firm.

The main task was to present Sparta as a leading player in now advanced/modernized field of Shipping, Supply Chain, and Freight Forwarding Recruiting.

The previous website had no personality, and did nothing to compare or position the firm in its own field. And the old website was drab and boring feeling.

The new website is fresh and modern looking, and importantly, appropriately matches the modern, leading edge position that was developed in the logo, tagline, headline, and writing.

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The Listening Project: Brooklyn

Filmmaker Dempsey Rice wanted a self-manageable website to showcase the video interview sessions of her Listening Project: Brooklyn.

tlp-fullIt was also important to her that the website and its videos play well on all types of computers, including mobile devices such as tablets, and all smartphones.

KPFdigital listened, and created a website that delivers on all counts.

Not only do Dempsey’s videos play on all mobile devices; but this website features a responsive design that is aware of the screen size it’s being watched on, and automatically reorganizes/resizes the design elements in order to fit the best way possible for that device.

Additionally, the website gets all of the videos right from Dempsey’s Pro account, allowing her to leverage the power and services of Vimeo to manage and deliver the videos, while using this website to organize and present them.

AWESOME. Thanks Kenneth!! I’ve gotten really positive feedback… So exciting!
— Dempsey Rice

Additional Features

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Gem Lab

The Gemological Laboratory of America (Gem Lab) needed a total makeover of their old website. Originally created over 10 years ago, albeit early to the website world, it was now sorely out of date, and Gem Lab manager Josh Lents could not update the website at all.

http_www.gemlab.comKPFdigital worked with Gem Lab to create a totally new, professional looking website, which was completely refocused to emphasize Gem Lab’s unique appraisal laboratory services.

While the old website had much of the same info, it was so cluttered that it was too hard to find the most important information; their services descriptions and location. And the search engine ranking were not great.

A few months after the launch of the new website, Gem Lab let us know that their call volume had increased substantially! But more importantly, the people weren’t calling just to check out Gem Lab’s credentials, or asking for the location. They were calling for only one thing: To make an appointment.

The new website was now doing a fantastic job of communicating Gem Lab’s reputation and quality, explaining exactly what their services are, and the site now conveyed a sense of authority and trust. By the time customers made the call for an appointment, all of the important questions had been answered by the website. The only thing left was to go ahead and make the appointment.

Oh, and the solid Search Optimization features that we added have made a huge difference. Take a look at the Google results for the search term “Diamond Appraiser NYC.”

Additional Features

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What is Responsive Website Design?


Responsive website design means that your website will automatically adjust its layout to look great on any device that it is being viewed on.

The images, text, and design elements will respond in real time to the size of the screen that your visitor is using.

So whether your website is being seen on a full sized computer, a tablet device such as an iPad, or a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android phone, the content that your user sees is sized and arranged uniquely for best viewer experience.

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Make Your Google Searches 10x More Efficient


I do a lot of searching on the Internet.

Unfortunately, by default, Google only shows 10 search results per page.

And many times what I’m looking for is not in the top ten search results on Google.

Even if I do find an item on the first page of the search results, I usually like to review several results, and I find that paging through the search results page-by-page is annoying. There are always more than ten search results, and I don’t just want to see the tip-of-the-iceberg, I want to see the whole thing at once!

So here’s how to make your Google searches 10x more efficient:

Just go to the Search Settings link in the cogwheel/gear icon located in the upper right corner of any search results page — quick link here.

Next, turn off Google Instant predictions, and then set the Results per page slider to 100, instead of the Google default of 10 per page.

Lastly, tick the box for Open each selected result in a new browser window. What this does is to open clicked links in a new tab. This is so much more useful, because after you look at the page you clicked on, you can close that tab, or just go back the Google Results tab right where you left off.

That’s it!

Now each search yields 100 results per page, and you can simply scroll down the page to see them all. No more clicking forwards and backwards through all those pages.

Now your Google searches will be 10x more efficient!

(BTW: Yahoo works the same way.)